Introduction - the environment "resurgence"

In the sixteenth century in the Veneto region the land was not suitable for cultivation of rice because there was a need to drain the fields and derive waterways: everything was very expensive and the State Veneziano did not intend to shell out for all this. It was in Verona that some landowners believed and invested in the regimentation of water and for cultivation of their fields. To organize the cultivation took water from the river Adige and its tributaries and was distributed through channels. Instead to convert the land to rice fields was used the same system by taking resources from other streams, as well as the Piganzo. The water was so conveyed through a course called artificial Seriola. In practice, the water resources were diverted from rivers or from the numerous resurgive, and conducted, often with long and complicated journeys, on various agricultural funds.. This initiative, creation of water systems in the valley area south of Verona among the major rivers Po and Adige, had the happy outcome of improving the area, bringing economic boost and wealth. The water are an important resource for the region and a great help to the rural economy in terms of both quality and quantity: it is a treasure to be preserved. The area of Rice Violone nano Veronese covers more than 1,500 acres of fields, all served by this wealth of valuable natural water.


Protection value of the resurgive
Water are derived from the surface of the water channels and are one of the environmental features more typical of the Po Valley, where they are distributed along a narrow strip ("band of resurgive"). This geological phenomenon is exploited by man for centuries by the excavation of the artificial "resurgive", which capture and convey the waters emerging naturally from the ground. Commonly the two terms "resurgence" and "fountain" are used interchangeably.

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