The farm is certified organic Gazzani Martin, produces and grows rice in Isola della Scala, in the province of Verona. More specifically it is in the area of Vo Pindemonte, a territory traditionally suited to crops for centuries thanks to its microclimate and for the abudant of fresh water coming from the natural source of water.

Rice cultivation is based on ancient knowledge, revisited in a modern way, with the help of new mechanical means but with the traditions of a recent past that sinks in our memories. Infact rice is the world’s most used food but also the oldest. ...more


  • Set07Winners of the #BloggerForSana 2018 award - Organic Food

    Michela Dessì of Cr_eative and Giulia Giunta of La Mia Cucina Vegetale selected the semi-wholemeal Organic Vialone Nano rice polenta produced by the Agricola Martin Roberta. The polenta has a delicate and creamy taste; it is not pre-cooked and is ready in 10 minutes. This is a brand new product and the polenta has just one ingredient: PGI Vialone Nano rice. It is suitable for those with gluten intolerances and represents and alternative to the classic dish of maize polenta.

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    One in five farms is led by a woman. Press release - newspaper article